Lately I’ve been…

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I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Courtney @ Sweet Tooth Sweet Life to fill out this little survey with random facts about life lately. Completely unrelated to baking but fun nonetheless.

And if you haven’t been to Courtney’s blog, make sure you head over because she is not only funny and beautiful and full of joy, but she shares so many delicious recipes (like baked french toast and cheesy Italian quick bread)!

So here it goes. Lately I’ve been…

Making: progress in re-decorating my apartment. I’m trying to have one consistent color scheme of gray, pink and gold throughout the whole place and it’s coming along so well. I’ve been spending a lot of my free time painting and DIY-ing and most importantly, Pinterest-ing 🙂

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Cooking: a lot of bread and muffins and doughs (stay tuned for a new pizza dough recipe this week!). Since I started this blog, I’ve been so inspired to try out new recipes and bake bake bake. I love it!


Drinking: a LOT of iced coffee. I cannot get enough of it once it’s warm out. So refreshing and tasty. Still want to try the cookie dough flavored one from Dunkin!

Reading: chick books as usual. Anything that reads like a romantic comedy is what I love. The shallower and cheesier, the better!

Wanting: a mandala tattoo. I know I know, enough is enough and obviously the shoulder tattoo is very out in the open and not discreet but I just think it’s so beautiful! One of my IG girl crushes just got one and I’m more than a little obsessed.


Playing: the games on the big screen at Oriole’s games. Not to brag but I kind of got all of them right last Friday night 🙂 It’s one way I can entertain myself whenever my friends and I go to baseball games. I might not know what’s going on on the field but I know which crab is hiding the baseball on the screen!

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Wasting: money on things I probably don’t need like the below Lilly dress but please tell me what girl can pass that up! And at least it was a thrift store find ($29.99!!)

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Hoping: I get stronger! And not be as intimidated by the free weight section of my gym. So I’ve been testing out some strength workouts when I have the gym to myself. I’m starting to think I like lifting more than cardio!

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Enjoying: time spent relaxing by the pool at my parent’s house. It’s such a gorgeous, peaceful spot. Perfect for a weekends or even a post-work cookout.

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Waiting: for Mindy Kaling’s new book to come out in the fall. She is seriously my soul mate. Her first book had me crying from laughing so hard so I can’t wait to get my hands on her next one! (And side note… can we all keep praying that the Mindy Project gets picked up for another season?? I cannot stand that it might be over 😦 )

Loving: my adorable kitty and feeling so blessed to have had her for a full year this month. She’s the first pet I’ve ever had and, even though she gets on my nerves sometimes and is a little too fond of scratching furniture, I love her to death and can’t imagine not being woken up to kitten kisses.

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Wishing: my beautiful baby sister a happy 22nd birthday! So proud of what she has accomplished and how she has followed her dreams and passions. I know she is headed for a lot of great things in life.


Needing: a few days of catching up on some good quality sleep. Feeling like I’ve been hit by a train every morning when I wake up is not a fun way to start a day. Anyone have suggestions for improving your sleep??

Wearing: summer clothes finally! The lighter and flowier the better. I’m loving this new flower top my mom gave me for Easter from Forever 21. Also, wearing my hair in a high bun for the first time to work. It’s starting to grow on me!

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Following: Maddy Moon’s amazing blog and even more amazing podcast series. I listen to it every morning during my commute and seriously guys, if you have ever struggled with body image/dieting/weight obsession/eating disorder, this girl will change your life. She is awesome!

Thinking: that the weekend needs to hurry up and get here already. And that I can’t wait to watch the US World Cup game tonight!

Missing: my best friend who is home for the summer. Life isn’t the same without my partner-in-crime by my side everyday. It means a lot less Starbucks and spontaneous girls nights but it also means the fall will be that much more fun when we are reunited! ❤

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