Friday favorites 8/21

It’s been over a month since my last Friday favorites post so this is WAY overdue. Like always, I’m linking up with Katie and Heather!

First things first… I officially have a boyfriend and I can’t even explain how incredibly happy he makes me! I feel like the luckiest girl every single day and, it might be too early to say this, but I really think he could be the one ❤ Plus he has a super cute puppy which never hurts.



The boyfriend, best friend and I all went to see Sam Hunt, Hunter Hayes and Lady Antebellum in Hershey last Friday night which was AMAZING. Hunter Hayes got himself a new fan, that’s for sure 🙂


I repainted this hutch I found at Goodwill… the top piece was only 10 dollars and the bottom was 15! Pretty proud of how this turned out for how cheap it was!


Of course, I’ve been FINALLY getting back into the kitchen this week. I made homemade brownies (find the recipe here) which were delicious but the real star was the funfetti cupcakes I made from scratch yesterday evening during the thunderstorm. I’ll be posting the recipe this weekend so definitely check back. They are a must-try!



Also, LESS THAN ONE MONTH UNTIL MINDY’S NEW BOOK!!!!! I am obsessed with everything this woman does and her first book literally had me in tears. In the best way possible. Her next book comes out September 15th and to say I’m counting down the days is an understatement.


Finally, to leave you with some inspirational words to kick off your weekend…




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