Currently: Happy 2016!

Well it’s a new year which means I’m finally back to blogging! I’m not really sure what happened the last few months (I guess just life??) but it’s my goal resolution to blog a lot more consistently in 2016. It’s what I love so why not right?

Anyways for my first post, I’m linking up with two of my absolute favorite bloggers (and inspirations!): Amanda over at Running With Spoons and Julia at Lord Still Loves Me. Amanda does Thinking Out Loud on Thursdays which I always love reading and I’m totally ripping off Julia’s post this week with her “Currently” theme. *sorry girl! :p

Anyways hope you like this fun little update on life and here’s to a fantastic (but chilly) start to 2016!

Current book:

Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling. Everything this girl does is hilarious. Like this book has me in tears. If I could be anyone, I would want to be Mindy. She’s the coolest!

Current music:

25 by Adele. My little sis got it for me for Christmas and I’m not even kidding, the album has been on repeat in my car ever since. Total girl crush.


Current TV show:

Parenthood. Loving this show right now on Netflix but sadly I’m almost done 😦 It’s such a nice feel-good show though!

Current iPhone wallpaper:

The view from our mountain cabin in WV. It’s the most peaceful place in the whole world and just seeing it on my phone calms me down when I’m stressed at work.


Current drink:

Sangria! I’m addicted. Red, white, apple cinnamon, mango peach, any kind. Give it to me.

Current food:

I can’t stop eating this cheeseburger wrap for lunches. It’s so easy AND delicious. Just some ground turkey, pickles, ketchup, cheese, homemade Big Mac sauce all rolled up in a Flatout wrap. YUM YUM YUM


Current obsession:

I got SleepPhones for Christmas and they have been a lifesaver! I’m one of those super light sleepers who needs perfect conditions to have any chance at sleeping (I’m so jealous of you guys who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime!). The SleepPhones are so comfy and perfect for listening to my rain machine app at night. Hellooooooo 8 hours finally πŸ™‚


Current wish:

This adorable cottage! If I could live somewhere that looked exactly like this, I think I’d be the happiest girl. Just like Kate Winslet’s little English countryside home in The Holiday. I love cottages with a bit of character and charm.


Current need:

This planner from Etsy. I have a minorΒ obsession with pretty paper and planners and stationary. Maybe if I had something this cute, I would actually pay my bills on time, not have so many library overdue fines and wouldn’t procrastinate so much which leads me onto the next thing…


Current procrastination:

Cleaning my apartment. I keep saying I’m going to do it but then I get distracted. Does anyone else have this problem?? Here’s what it looks like on a semi-good day:


Current blessing:

The beautiful women in my family who are always there for me. I am so thankful for my two sisters and my mom and grandmother. They all inspire me every day to be my best self ❀


Current excitement:

Less than 80 days until my big sister marries this amazing guy! I can’t wait to have a brother-in-law and am so excited for my sis. She deserves the absolute best and BJ is going to make sure she always gets that. They are perfect together and couldn’t ask for a better future brother.

Plus it will be my first time ever going to a wedding! And being in one! WOO πŸ˜€


Current mood:

SO SLEEPY. It’s the first full week of work after the holidays and it is hitting me hard! I love my job but getting back into the early morning routine has been quite an adjustment.

Current bane of my existence:Β 

People that slurp their coffee. Just no.

Current link:

11 commonly used phrases that mean absolutely nothing. Ah so true!!


What are some of your “currently”‘s? Food? Excitement? Mood? Funny links??


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